Is it hi or hey?
1D and 5sos tend to ruin my life and my underwear on a daily basis.

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Ay Ships! 


So I feel really sick tonight but I wanted to do some ships for the long weekend (hell yeah) and so I’ll do as many as I can tonight and over the long weekend (I’ll tag your URL and I also tag #ships so you can always find it) so there are a few things you gotta do!

You must be following me…

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inspired by x

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michael clifford looks like he could be in a fucking scremo band and that he has a bunch leather jackets and bullies boys named luke hemmings and smokes loads but really none of thats true hes just a smiley sweet sweater wearing boy who enjoys video games. except for the bullying luke hemmings part. that’s true. except its out of love.

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Luke is us.


Luke is us.

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The smile that killed a nation.

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